100Best Free Web Space – Hosting Blog!

Welcome to our new free web hosting blog! We’re going to use the space to announce changes to our website, our company, and our industry! The web hosting industry is always changing and we thought it was about time to start getting on the blog bandwagon to start announcing changes.

Our site is a place where we review web hosting services – free and cheap. The site is open to new submission of free hosting companies who would like to be featured and reviewed by our staff to help spread the word about their services. We also choose a select few cheap web hosting services to offer to our visitors since free web hosting is not for everyone.

Web hosting companies continue to drop prices and increase features, but you’ll find they’ve almost all hit a wall with unlimited domains, unlimited space, and unlimited traffic…how do you get more than unlimited? The only thing left to offer people is a better price…so we’re going to do a lot of announcements on pricing changes for hosts here as well.

We’ll also do some web hosting comparisons, website building tips, and some articles on how to make money online. We want you to succeed on the web! So keep in touch and keep checking our blog. We welcome comments and article ideas. If you’ve had experiences with a host and would like to share – please visit our main site.

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