Free Image Hosting

Free image hosting has become a huge industry. Everyone loves it that we have digital imaging but with free image hosting we have a place to store our photos and then the ability to share them with others. Some image hosts even offer products that you can order that are personalized with your images.

When choosing a free image host for your online photo storage you may want to look carefully at what the host offers. You don’t want to have to upload your images over and over as you switch hosts. It is easiest if you find one that will fit your needs now and in the future so that you don’t have to do more work that is necessary.

Number of files – This is the first thing to look for with a free image host. Find out how much storage space you have. It can be a rude awakening to upload your most recent photos just to be told that you are out of room on your account. There are free services that offer unlimited file storage and this is a huge bonus. Especially if you are looking to put all of your digital images in one place. You want a host that has a great content management system.

Backup – Make sure that your host offers great back up storage so that your files are never lost. You also want to make sure that the file types that the host supports are file types that you use or can convert to easily.

Features – You may want to look at all the features that may not seem important now but may in the future. Things like: direct linking from websites or family and friends so that a photo can be viewed, photo editing, photo enhancement, multiple upload capabilities, and you want a site that has enough bandwidth that it is not really slow to use. When servers get crowded it can be awful for everyone.

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