Free Trial of DreamHost Offer & DreamHost Feature List

DreamHost is a company that has been serving customers for over 12 years. They boast great customer service, excellent services, uptime that is consistently reliable, and now they are offering customers a free trial!
When you sign up for DreamHost you are signing up for a buffet of services like no other. To name just a few:
* Unlimited space and 50 GB of backup space
* Unlimited domain hosting
* Domain registration at no charge
* Private domain registration at no charge
* E-mail accounts (POP and Imap)
* Webmail
* Autoresponders
* SnapShot data backup
* account that is banner free
* WebDAV
* Enhanced web security
* SSL secure server
* Password protected directories
* Anonymous FTP server
* AdWords – up to $75 credit
These are just a small offering of the features you can look forward to using when signing up for DreamHost.
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