Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

Have you wondered about the pros and cons of free web hosting? Most of us who have started a website have wondered if this alternative choice in web hosting would be a good fit for us. So here we will briefly discuss the pros and cons.

Pros of free web hosting:

  • It’s free – everyone likes getting something for free. The key here is remembering that you get what you pay for. Free may sound great but remember to not be blinded by it.
  • User friendly – the website builders, ease and accessibility options make this a great pick for anyone who is just beginning and doesn’t want to upload coded websites. This is also great for people who just need one page or two on their website.
  • Free subdomain name. When you sign up for free webhosting you are given a free subdomain name that will be your web address. This is like a registered domain name only it will have the name of the web hosting provider in it.
  • Space and bandwidth – For beginners who really aren’t going to be doing a lot with their site, there is plenty of web space and bandwidth offered through a free web hosting service.

Cons of free web hosting:

  • Domain name – with free web hosting you don’t get your own domain name registered so that your friends, family, colleagues, or customers can easily find you. You will receive a subdomain and sometimes things subdomains are hard to remember.
  • Support – you may not receive any support from a free web host. If you do receive some it may be very simple and hard to come by. After all, there is no way to pay for the support team that you would have with normal or cheap web hosting.
  • Slow servers – often free web spaces are filled to the brim with users and the servers can become overcrowded and very slow. This is just the name of the game.
  • Advertising – your site will have any number of ads placed on it and you will not have any control over the ad content or appearance. The ads can be in the form of banners, pop ups, text and more.
  • Not as many features – naturally it is the fact that you get what you pay for. If you aren’t paying for anything you can’t expect the best choice in features.

Free web hosting can be a great option for non-profit groups just starting out or for family or school group pages. You honestly can’t beat the price and really the services are pretty good. If you like the idea of the affordability but want more features then you should look into some great cheap web hosting┬áthat is available.

If you think FREE web hosting may be just what you are looking for, we can recommend the following web hosts that we have tried and found to be some of the best free host options available, click on the links below to browse or purchase FREE web hosting:

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