What is Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting can be a desirable starting place for certain individuals. After all you get your own web space with limited storage space. You don’t have a domain name that you register. You will probably have a name something like yourname.webcompanyname. com. This may be fine for an individual who just wants a small amount of space on the Internet.

You will soon realize why the free web hosting company can afford to give away a small space to everyone that wants it. The company will run ads on your website. Some ads will be large banners, some will have pop-ups (we all love those), and some sites will put in various ad units that you have no control over. As stated before, this may be exactly the right match for those just starting out with a personal site.

Free web space is not right for you if you are starting a business online. Your website name is too vital for your webspace. You need a unique name and you need to remember that your online presence needs to clearly reflect what you want customers to know about you. If you are asking customers to purchase something from you, you will most likely not want other people’s ads on your space. This would be a competition nightmare.

Luckily most free web hosting companies allow you the opportunity to upgrade your account for very little money and have whatever features you want. The key is to shop around and keep in mind that eventually you may want these upgrades so go with a company that will have what you need when the time comes. You also want a company that has a great amount of uptime so that your site is not down a lot because of crowded servers. This is often the case with free webhosting, too few servers and too many customers.

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