Who Should Use Free Web Hosting

There are so many web hosting options available. There are a ton of free web hosting services available. You will have ads placed on your website that you have no control over if you choose free web hosting services. Then you need to consider whether it is worth it to you or not to pay a few (and yes, we mean a few) dollars each month and have an ad free site.

The great thing about free web hosting is that it is free. This means that everyone and anyone with Internet access can have a web presence. This is a wonderful day and age and it is awesome that there are those companies willing to give space so that other’s may have a website. Granted, those companies make good money off of the ads they put on your site. But still, it is a great service and a great marketing idea.

Another great thing about free web hosting is that usually it requires no knowledge of site building. You can just sign up for free web hosting, use the site builder provided and in no time you have a website. Most of the free hosting services have some fun templates to personalize your site and make it your own.

You don’t get your own domain name like myowndomain.com but you will get a free subdomain and can make it your own. For example myowndomain.freewebhosting.com. This is a bit longer and harder to recall for those you want to visit your site but still, it is something to call your own.

Most free web hosting services don’t offer unlimited amounts of disk storage or unlimited file transfers but you usually have room for what you need. The problem is that most of these companies end up with over crowded servers and you may not have a great amount of uptime. Overloading servers makes websites load slower and have more frequent outages.

For anyone who just wants quick, easy and free, free web hosting is a great option. We have a few suggestions for free web hosting that we think you will be pleased with:

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