Free vs. Cheap Web Hosting

What is the real difference between free web hosting and cheap web hosting? Ads. No question about it. Okay, well, that and the price. Free is great! But, there is something to be said for the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

Free web hosting:

  • Ads on your site. Not ads that you control. In fact you will never know what will be advertised on your site and you will not know what kind of advertising will be used. It can be text links, banners, pop ups or other methods. The bottom line is that the ads are making the free web hosting company money, not you.
  • Free is free. If you are just starting out and you don’t know if you want to seriously get into having an online presence but you are just trying it out then this is a great starting point. If this is your situation perhaps you should start with a company that lets you start out with free web hosting with the option to upgrade at any time at a very competitive price. This will save you transfer ordeals and possibly rebuilding your website. However, if after trying the free version of web hosting from a company you are under no obligation to go to paid hosting so if you don’t like the company, no loss.
  • Domain name. If you wanted one of your own you kind of get it but not really. A real domain name is something like A free web hosting domain name is This is called a subdomain. These can be hard for people to remember.

Cheap Web Hosting:

  • No ads. Paid web hosting services do not place ads on your site for you. This means that you control the advertising put on your site and you enjoy the revenues from those ads. Placing ads on your web site is a great way to make money online.
  • Yep, it’s cheap! Most people think web hosting is much more costly than it really is. The truth is that web hosting is a very competitive business. It is amazing that you can get hosting for a month for as little as the price of a good cup of coffee. That’s right, for less than $3 per month you can get web hosting from some companies. Prices go up from there.
  • Domain name. You don’t have to settle for a subdomain when you pay for web hosting but you will probably get unlimited subdomains. This is vital when you are putting your business online. You want your customers to have a name that they can remember and that is your trademark.

Whether or not you decide on free web hosting or cheap web hosting depends on your needs. Keep in mind that it never hurts to start free and to upgrade at a later date.

A few suggestions for web hosting:

Free: 150m 20m

Cheap: BlueHost GoDaddy

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