Ecommerce Tool Basics

In years past it was quite an ordeal to get an ecommerce website up and running. It was pricey and time consuming. Now you can have an ecommerce site up and running in no time because ecommerce tools make it easy to get all that you need while keeping your customer’s identity safe.

When we speak of ecommerce tools we are talking about shopping carts, payment gateways, shopping carts, e-catalogs, SSL certificates and more. Here we will briefly discuss each tool and tell you how they work.

Shopping Carts – This is just what it says. If you go shopping at a retail store you usually take a cart with you to put your items in until you are ready to checkout. The same things happens when you shop online. You add your items to your virtual shopping cart and this software keeps track of your items. On the business owner side of things you may appreciate shopping cart software that also keeps track of your inventory so that your business is more streamlined. Your ecommerce web host may offer you a shopping cart with your hosting but you need to really consider your specific needs and make sure that you get a shopping cart with all of the administrative tools that you desire. We recommend Yahoo Shopping Cart.

SSL Certificates – Because of the fact that ecommerce entails sending sensitive information through the Internet it is necessary for ecommerce sites to have SSL certificates. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to encrypt information before it is transmitted. With the growing concerns about identity theft and fraud it is obvious why it is important to have this software. The cost of SSL certificates can vary depending on your needs. Educate yourself to make sure that you protect your customers and ultimately protect yourself. For SSL certificates we recommend GoDaddy

Merchant Account – Today customers want things to be easy and that is why they are shopping online in the first place. To keep up with your competitors you really need to accept as many methods of payment as possible. In order to accept credit cards you have to have a merchant account. We recommend

Payment Gateways – A payment gateway is absolutely necessary if you are taking payments online. A payment gateway acts as the go between for your website and your merchant account provider. It takes the information, encrypts it and then sends it. You may find that your merchant account provider offers a payment gateway that meets your needs but you should shop around and get what fits your specific ecommerce needs. We recommend

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