Securing Your Website

When you are doing ecommerce it is crucial that your website be secure so that your customer’s information is protected. It is relatively easy to protect your customers with the right SSL Certificate. But what if you don’t have an ecommerce site? What if your site is used for information purposes only? What if it is an affiliate site? What if it is a family site with all of your family photos and movies? Have you thought about how to secure your website to make sure that nothing can come in and corrupt files, upload or download information that really shouldn’t be had by a total stranger?

There are a lot of sites that are vulnerable to this type of threat. It doesn’t take much to know how to get into a site through the “back door” or through online access that is. You may think you are safe and secure because you upload through your control panel or you may use an FTP program that is password protected so you assume that no one can access the site and upload anything that you don’t approve. It isn’t safe to assume any of this.

To have a truly secure website you would need to hire professionals that specialize in writing scripting for such purposes and even then there can be glitches. The cyber world changes daily and new threats are constantly being found. The need to update the scripting in your applications is crucial.

Not only do you have to watch for the applications you use, you have to use web hosting through a secure company. You want them to make sure that their servers are kept in a secure environment and check into what security measures they take as far as your data goes. If you truly want a secure web hosting experience you may not be able to use free web hosting or even some cheap web hosting. Just make sure you ask smart questions and get the company to talk to you. You will be able to tell if the security of your data is important to them or not.

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