Using Google AdWords to Monetize Your Site

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising that can help you monetize your website by bringing in visitors that are targeted to your website. In this post we hope to give you information regarding Google AdWords that will help you with your advertising potential.

Google AdWords is an advertising method that is based on one of two ways. It can be calculated on a cost per click bases or on a thousand page views. The great thing about AdWords is that you don’t pay for the advertising unless someone clicks on your ad! Your text ads are created by you and they only consist of a few short lines. This program began in 2000 but didn’t become site-targeted until 2003. Besides text ads you can do image ads and they come in a variety of sizes to choose from. To be able to use image and video ads you have to run them on Google’s “content network”.

There are two general categories for Google ads. They are keyword targeted ads and placement targeted ads. Google has a huge advertising network and depending on the ad type they can run on Google or the Google Network. The network takes in a ton of big name sites that are highly visible and sure to bring you your targeted customer.

To gain a better understanding of all that goes into Google Adwords you should really visit the Google AdWords Learning Center. Because Google changes constantly and becomes more developed it is important to keep up on how they are doing things and what you can take advantage of in the way of advertising.

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