Update on HostGator & BlueHost ~ DreamHost Web Hosting

Just a quick update since our last comparison of HostGator and DreamHost. HostGator continues to see tremendous growth. Today they are at a .21% increase in the number of active name servers they have. Putting them at a total of 990,607. Obviously the fact that they are one of the best web hosting providers has a lot to do with the amount of growth they are seeing. Keep an eye on these guys. They started out in 2002, 5 years later than many of their top competitors and they are quickly passing them up.

BlueHost has been around for a long time. They have a well established business and have figured out what works for them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They continue to be a leading web hosting provider for your personal website or business website. With a .14% gain today they are up to 993,535 active name servers. These guys aren’t going anywhere but it will be interesting to see if HostGator can pass them up here in the near future.

A third host to keep an eye on is DreamHost. We didn’t talk about them in our previous post but they are a combo of the previous two in what they offer. They have one basic shared web hosting plan but then also offer the other services like colocation, domain registration, and dedicated servers. In business since 1997 they have also seen a ton of growth and success. Currently they have 976,612 active name servers.

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