BlueHost vs HostGator Web Hosting Comparison Update

For the last couple of months we have been watching some of the top web hosting companies stats to see how they compare to each other. Today we will look at the BlueHost vs HostGator stats from Wednesday April 28th, 2010. Both offer great unlimited web hosting packages so let’s see how their numbers compare.

BlueHost Web Hosting Stats:

•New domains: 1,310
•Transferred in domains: 746
•Transferred out domains: 536
•Deleted domains: 442
•Net increase: 1,078
•Total BlueHost domains: 1,033,560

From our last web hosting review we see that BlueHost’s total number of hosted domains was 993,535. That is an increase of 40,025!! Pretty impressive.

HostGator Web Hosting Stats:

•New domains: 1,565
•Transferred in domains: 1,824
•Transferred out domains: 1,358
•Deleted domains: 85
•Net increase: 1,946
•Total HostGator domains: 1,057,010

As you can see, both have passed that 1 million mark! What an accomplishment. HostGator was at 990,607 on March 17th, at the time of our last comparison. That is an increase of 66,403. And you may notice as well that HostGator has now passed up BlueHost in the total number of domains hosted. It will sure be fun and interesting to see what happens with both of these hosting providers over the next few months!

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