New Stats for BlueHost vs. HostGator

BlueHost vs. HostGator!

Our last comparison of these two best web providers was more than two months ago. It’s time to see how their numbers have changed. In our last review of bluehost vs. hostgator, BlueHost had a total of: 1,033,560 domain names pointed to their servers and HostGator had: 1,057,010. Those numbers are pretty close for these highly competitive web hosts. Let’s take a look at the numbers for HostGator vs. Bluehost on July 7th, 2010.

Our BlueHost review of new bluehost stats:

New bluehost domains: 969
Transferred in bluehost domains: 621
Transferred out bluehost domains: 620
Deleted bluehost domains: 428
Net increase: 542
Total BlueHost domains: 1,086,619

Our HostGator review of new stats:

New hostgator domains: 1,362
Transferred in hostgator domains: 1,859
Transferred out hostgator domains: 1,398
Deleted hostgator domains: 137
Net increase: 1,686
Total HostGator domains: 1,162,148

This is an overall gain of 53,059 for BlueHost and 105,138 for HostGator! Wow! Those are some big numbers for hostgator vs. bluehost. HostGator has seen some huge growth over the past couple of months. Visit the official page of these two hosts by clicking the link below. There you can find detailed information on all the products and services offered by each of these reliable web hosts. If I were to choose one host out of bluehost vs. hostgator…I’d probably choose bluehost with their bluehost coupon code.

BlueHost Official Page

HostGator Official Page

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