Expiry.com Review

Expiry.com is an up and coming web hosting provider that is quickly becoming the preferred web host for many customers.  Located in Canada, they offer great web hosting deals to individuals and businesses across Canada and North America.  Although their web hosting packages have everything one would need to build a personal website, the eCommerce features offered make Expiry.com an excellent choice for businesses.  For this reason, we have decided to give Expiry.com our “Top Business Host” award.

The Expiry.com web hosting packages are available in both U.S.  and Canadian dollars.  Starting at just $90.00 a YEAR even the e-Lite web hosting package includes everything you need to design, create, and manage a decent sized website.  Here are just a few of the web hosting features you can expect from Expiry’s e-Lite Package:

  • 100 MB Disk Storage
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Support for International Domain Names
  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP Email Support
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding and Autoresponders
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Server Side Includes
  • Control Panel
  • Log Files + Site Statistics
  • Customizable Error Pages
  • Web Blogs/Wordpress/b2evolution
  • Drupal and Joomla Content Management Systems
  • PHP/Perl/Python
  • SSL Secure Certificate Ready
  • Choice of Shopping Carts
  • Free Search Engine Submission
  • and much more.

Expiry.com offers 4 business web hosting solutions, the e-Lite, e-200, e-500, and e-1000.  All of these eCommerce packages include all of the features listed above and more.  The only difference in the plans are the amount of disk storage allowed.  The e-Lite includes 100 MB which is plenty of space for most small business websites.  But as your business grows, as is the goal of most businesses, you can increase the disk storage to 200MB, 500MB, or 1000MB for minimal cost.

Expiry.com previously encouraged the use of Plesk, but now features the simple to use DirectAdmin Professional Hosting control panel with all web hosting.  Since this conversion Expiry.com’s support call volume has decreased significantly, indicating just how user friendly this control panel is. The DirectAdmin Control Panel is an elegantly simple solution to properly manage business web accounts.

Managing your website from an effective web hosting control panel can make a huge difference in your web hosting experience.

The drag and drop site builder allows even the novice webmaster the opportunity to create a website without HTML, or programming knowledge.  This SiteBuilder allows you to create your site with free website templates in 3 easy steps.  You simply select a design, choose the options you wish to use, and pick out the color scheme that matches your website.  Expiry.com gives plenty of details and tutorials about their SiteBuilder on their site, and even provides an online live demo so you can know just what you are getting prior to signing up.

With Expiry.com’s unlimited email accounts you can set up personalized email that represents you and your company in an unforgettable way, yourname@yourcompany.com for instance. With free enterprise level spam filtering you can spend your time on things that matter, not weeding through unwanted email.  With email autoresponders and forwarding you can also leave the office and know you will not miss a message, and that your customers will receive a message indicating when you may be able to get back with them.

All Expiry.com’s web hosting products and services are backed by a 90 day money back guarantee, and a great customer support system.

Visit Expiry.com for more details on building your business website today.

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