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Did you know researchers estimate that by 2020 if the hosting industry doesn’t make some big changes, we will be as big of a polluter as the Airline industry? It was estimated that a commercial jet flying from Denver to New York generates as much carbon dioxide per passenger as what an SUV generates in a month. Multiply that by the number of passengers per flight and the number of flights per day, this is not an insignificant amount. With that in mind GreenGeeks has taken the initiative to make some serious eco-friendly changes. Not only are they making changes but they are encouraging everyone to use eco-friendly or “green web hosting” services, if not from them, from any green web host provider. That is why 100best-free-web-space has awarded GreenGeeks our Best Green Hosting award.

So what is GreenGeeks doing to provide green web hosting? A number of things. First, they purchase wind energy credits equal to 3 times the amount of energy they use. This makes their services 300% green. Cooling and operating huge datacenters uses a tremendous amount of power that has to be pulled from the power grid. In order to help compensate for that, they purchase wind generated energy that is then returned to the power grids. Anyone using GreenGeeks web hosting services can add one of the GreenGeeks “green hosting” logos to display on their site, letting everyone know that you are using web hosting that is provided by a green web host provider.

In addition, GreenGeeks implements the latest and best technology to make sure that all their servers and equipment are using the minimum amount of energy. On a smaller scale they are employing as many eco-friendly practices as they possibly can in their offices. They have rigorous recycling policies, print only essential documents to save paper, use auto-controlled lighting devices and power down all equipment when it is not in use. GreenGeeks employees have even gone so far as to take turns bringing in home cooked lunches and dinners to cut down on the amount of take-out disposable containers that are used by the office staff. GreenGeeks is truly a prime example of green hosting at its best.

Get GreenGeeks Green Web Hosting Now

Another fantastic sevice offered by GreenGeeks that we want to tell you about is their VPS web hosting service. If you already use the basic shared hosting from GreenGeeks or if you are just looking for an excellent VPS hosting service, we highly recommend the GreenGeeks VPS hosting. Each of the GreenGeeks VPS hosting plans comes with:

  • 64-Bit CentOS 5 Image
  • Full root access and rebooting
  • 2 Dedicated IP addresses
  • RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Reserved RAM
  • Equal CPU Share
  • Dual Quad Core Servers
  • VPS Management Portal
  • Nightly Backup
  • Free Billing Software
  • Free Domain Reseller Account
  • Free eNom Reseller Account
  • Free cPanel migration
  • Free Anonymous Name Servers

Prices start as low as $19.95 month for 384 MB DDR3 RAM, 10 GB RAID-10 Storage, and 150 GB Bandwidth for self-managed VPS hosting. GreenGeeks offers 4 additional VPS plans that you can choose from to meet your exact VPS hosting needs. Use our link below to visit the GreenGeeks VPS official site for complete details today!

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

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