How to Choose a Free Web Hosting Service

On our site:, we recently added a new article “How to Choose a Free Web Hosting Service”. This article provides you with some great tips about how to choose a free web hosting service for your website. It can be very overwhelming to try and decide which free web host is going to provide you with the features you need and have reliable web hosting services. When I did a  search for free web hosting in Google, the search returned about 135,000,000 results. How would I ever find one that works for me? Do I just pick the first one on the list and hope it is good? provides a ton of help for choosing a free web hosting service. Our site reviews many of the best free web hosting providers and provides you with a simple chart to compare the basic features. We also offer alot of great free website tutorials to help you with the many additional aspects of web hosting. Choosing a free web hosting service has to be an individual decision. Your experience in creating a website, the type of website you want to create, the type of applications and features you want available, how much web space and bandwidth you need, and a number of other things will need to be considered before you choose a free web host for your website.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about free web hosting providers is that they display ads all over your site. Most free web hosts do require you to have some type of banner ad or link on your site. This is a way for them to make some money. They can’t simply provide their service for free and have no way to make any money or they would be out of business in no time. Another disadvantage of free web hosting is that most have very limited customer support. Providing customer support can get very expensive and free web hosts generally don’t have the funds to have someone available 24/7 to answer your questions.

If you are not set on using a free web host provider, there are many great paid web hosting services that are available for just a couple of dollars a month. The number of additional features, benefits and services they offer really make it worth the small price you pay. Our site also offers a lot of great information on paid web hostnig. We have a lot of great deals that just can’t be beat. Read our How to Choose a Free Web Hosting Service article for more information, or just visit our site: for additional web hosting resources and information.

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