Verizon Web Hosting Review – Business Web Hosting

When you are looking for a business web hosting provider, you probably don’t think of Verizon as a source for web hosting. While they are well known for their mobile phone services, the Verizon web hosting service isn’t as well known. Verizon web hosting includes 3 web hosting options that you can choose from, but what you may not realize is that Verizon web hosting services are actually provided through Intuit. Now, Intuit is pretty well known for financial and tax preparation documents but web hosting?

When you hear names like iPage web hosting or BlueHost web hosting you know that you are dealing with a genuine web hosting provider. These best web hosting providers have been around for many years and they do everything web hosting related. But some people really just like using names they have heard before and if you have never had anything to do with web hosting, you may not know who iPage or BlueHost are so you may think well, if I just use a well known name like Verizon or Intuit, surely their service will be good.

Let’s say you are thinking about having some plastic surgery done. Obviously you want the best doctor and best plastic surgery team doing the work. Would you consider having Justin Bieber do the surgery, just because you know his name? Of course not. Even though you may not know the name of the best plastic surgeon, because you have never used one before, you would start asking around to others that have used them and find out who has the best reputation.

When it comes to web hosting, we have been around ALL of the best web hosting providers for the last 15 years and we can tell you that Verizon web hosting doesn’t hold a candle to iPage web hosting or BlueHost web hosting service, features, support, and functionality. The basic Verizon web hosting plan starts out at $4.99 per month. Using our BlueHost coupon code you will get infinitely more resources and features for only $3.95 per month. Or use our iPage coupon to get iPage web hosting for just $4.50/mo.

If you want unlimited web hosting, we highly recommend checking out either iPage or BlueHost you will get so much more than any of the Verizon web hosting plans offer at a fraction of the price. Use any of our links in this article to learn more about whey we have found iPage and BlueHost to be the best web hosting providers.

iPage Coupon Code – $4.50/mo

BlueHost Coupon Code – $3.95/mo

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