ImageHostPlus Review – Best Online Image Host

ImageHostPlus is one of the best online image host providers we have found. For only $4.95 per month you can host an unlimited number of images that you can use for auction listings, slideshow presentations, or even a beautiful photo gallery. In our ImageHostPlus review we will tell you more about the services provided by ImageHostPlus and tell you why we have awarded them our Best Online Image Host award.

ImageHostPlus was started in 2002 and has become a leading image hosting provider in just a short time. The image hosting plan at ImageHostPlus provides everything you will need to make sure that your images are safe and available anytime you need them. ImageHostPlus offers their service free for the first two weeks, use this free trial to see if ImageHostPlus is the best online image host for your image hosting needs.

Our ImageHostPlus review of features:

  • Unlimited free web space for image storage
  • Upload an unlimited number of images
  • No file size limits
  • Upload up to 30 photos at a time
  • Share images anytime, with whomever you choose
  • Create an image portfolio in a unique photo album
  • Create a slideshow to share with friends and family or use for an auction listing
  • Create photo galleries with all your auction photos
  • Unlimited folders for organizing your images
  • Image watermark will protect your pictures from being copied
  • Reliable hosting for an online backup of all your images
  • Free Image Manager to manage all your image hosting files

Image hosting is a great way to protect and preserve your images. Using an online image host will make your images available to you at anytime from any computer with Internet access. Image hosting is perfect for setting up auction listings, forums, message boards, websites, and much more. Whatever you want to do with your images, they will be available all the time.

There are many free image hosting providers out there, so you may wonder why should I pay to host my images? If you think about how important your images are, you will understand the value. Free image hosts have a hard time making enough money to stay in business. When you look through listings online for free image hosts, you will will notice that many of the sites simply don’t exist anymore. What happens if you have a thousand images stored on a free image host server and one day you go to access your images and the site is gone? With ImageHostPlus you will never have to worry about losing your images. They have nearly 10 years of solid history in the business. The $4.95 per month insures all of their operating and maintenance costs are covered so they can continue to offer reliable image hosting services for years to come.

To find out more about ImageHostPlus visit the ImageHostPlus website today.

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