Which Web Hosting Tools are Most Important?

Which web hosting tools are most important? In an effort to find out what our website visitors felt were the most important web hosting features to look for, we created a survey on our website: http://www.100bestfreewebspace.com asking our visitors one simple question, “Which of the following web hosting tools or features do you feel is most important when searching for a new web host provider?” For those of you that participated you may be interested in the results of our web hosting survey. First let’s review the answer choices then we will take a look at the most popular responses.

  • Social Networking Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Website Statistics and Data Tracking
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Live Customer Support
  • Other (Please Specify)

The top answer choice with 21% of the votes was Search Engine Optimization Tools. This was kind of surprising to the 100Best team but we are very happy to know that even the beginning webmasters understand the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The simple fact is that most of a website’s traffic comes from search engine results. If someone searches for Blue Widgets and your page shows up on page 23 of Google results, how likely is it that someone will find your site? You may very well be the very best provider of Blue Widgets, you may be the cheapest and have the biggest variety but if no one can find your website, they will never know and never purchase them. Get more SEO tips from our Webmaster Tools articles.

The second most popular answer was Social Networking Tools, with 16% of the total votes. What this tells us is that webmasters are paying attention to the current trends; probably the most important thing you will do when it comes to the ever changing world of digital technology. Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest social networking tools but you may want to learn more about Digg, StumbledUpon, MySpace, LinkedIN, FourSquare, and other local social media network tools that will get your local community involved in online communication about what your company or organization has to offer clients.

The other four answers were all very close with E-commerce Solutions receiving 15% of votes, Live Customer Support at 14%, Marketing Tools 13% Website Statistics and Data Tracking also received 13%. From our own web hosting experience we were a little surprised that more people didn’t choose live customer support as the most important web hosting tool, however; with many of the best web hosting providers offering extensive online support documentation and video tutorials most of the common stumbling blocks that webmasters encounter can now be solved quickly through these types of customer support options.

From our “Other” responses the most notable thing mentioned was PRICE! While this is indeed important and searches for free web hosting are very popular, the 100Best team strongly cautions against choosing your web host provided based mainly on price. There are a number of reasons for this. Free web hosting may look like a great option, but when you start looking at ease-of-use, customer support options, and server uptime, you may want to think again. Another thing to consider is what the long term price of the web hosting plan is. Some promo codes or coupon codes will offer web hosting for a super good deal but then after the initial one or two year term the web hosting plan may double or triple in price. Also, find out if your domain name registration is included and what other addons you may need to purchase to go along with your web hosting plan.

Thanks to all of you that participated in our survey, check the website often for new surveys to help us learn how we can better serve our visitors. Also, get the best web hosting for the cheapest price when you check out our web hosting reviews!

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