iPage Hosting Review and iPage Webmail

In thisiPage Hosting Review and iPage Webmail article we will take a look at the different features and tools included in the iPage hosting plan and review the iPage webmail features. When reading iPage reviews we found varied responses about how the iPage hosting services rate. As with any web hosting experience it isn’t all peaches and cream and everything doesn’t go exactly the way that every individual webmaster wants it to all the time. That’s life. The more important thing is the overall trend of the iPage hosting reviews. If 90% of the iPage reviews are positive, they have an awesome service. If more than half of the reviews are negative, look somewhere else. A few unhappy people is normal, mostly unhappy people means you can find something better.

Our iPage hosting review of features found that iPage is above average in what they have to offer. Unlimited web hosting features like diskspace, bandwidth, domains, and MySQL and not unheard of but the little extras like providing two free site builders to choose from adding a blog setup wizard to make blogging even easier, and a photo gallery setup wizard to help webmasters make their websites look more appealing are all some of the extra things that iPage hosting doesn’t have to include. It is pretty standard in the web hosting industry for a web host to provide a 30 day money back guarantee, everyone is doing it so most web hosting providers feel like they have to but iPage takes it much further by offering an anytime money back guarantee. Most web hosting reviews say that the web hosting provider has 24/7 customer support, often this just means you can email them 24 hours a day or use their online tutorials to try and get help. iPage hosting reviews show that they provide 24/7 phone and chat support as well!

iPage webmail is one of the features that a lot of people talk about. iPage webmail can be the only mail client you use or it can be used in conjunction with a regular email client like Outlook, iPhone, or MacMail. Use your regular email client when you are at home or the office and then use your iPage webmail client to access your email when you are on the road. Using a webmail client can be useful because it allows the webmaster to access his/her email from anywhere and does not store the messages on his/her hard-drive. iPage webmail can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and does not require the webmaster to log into his/her control panel. Check out the iPage user guide to learn more about configuring email on an iPage hosting account.

After reading many iPage reviews and reviewing the offerings from iPage ourselves, we can recommend iPage as one of the best web hosting providers around. Not only do they offer all the best web hosting features, they do it cheaper than many of their competitors, check out his iPage coupon. iPage hosting plans are very robust and provide all the tools that advanced users want but they are easy enough to use that even the beginning webmaster can benefit from them. Use our iPage link below to review the iPage hosting features and get the best deals on iPage hosting.

iPage Web Hosting

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