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A webmaster looking for a GoDaddy promo code and GoDaddy 4GH web hosting is in luck! We have both and are going to tell you about some of the benefits of choosing GoDaddy 4GH web hosting and give you a GoDaddy promo code to ensure that every webmaster is getting the best deal on GoDaddy web hosting. GoDaddy is well known for not only the best web hosting service but also for their cheap domain name registration, reseller web hosting, security, and more. Using our GoDaddy promo code will provide web masters with a discount price on any of the GoDaddy services.

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So what is GoDaddy 4GH? According to the GoDaddy website “4th Generation Hosting (4GH) offers a new level of reliability, performance and security.” In essence it means that GoDaddy is now using a 4 gigahertz multiple server environment to give each and every website the power, speed, and reliability needed to keep each site running at optimal performance. In addition, the GoDaddy 4GH load balancing and auto adjusting bandwidth ensures that spikes in traffic will be handled smoothly without any lag or downtime. Load balancing delivers information to each website using the server with the most available resources, so that every site is not dependent upon a single server. With GoDaddy 4GH each website will also have auto-adjusting bandwidth which eliminates overage fees that most web hosting service providers charge if a website suddenly has a large spike in traffic and uses more than the allotted amount of bandwidth.

One of the biggest issues on the Internet is security. There is only so much that each webmaster can do to protect his/her website, any additional help that can be offered by the web hosting provider is always appreciated. Each GoDaddy 4GH will have Dynamic Defense Management which provides 24/7 expert security monitoring. The GoDaddy site says that 3.3 million malicious attacks are thwarted everyday. Webmasters can choose from 3 Linux web hosting plans and 3 Windows web hosting plans, each plan is part of the GoDaddy 4 GH web hosting offer and each plan is eligible for our GoDaddy promo code that saves webmasters 10%. Use any of our GoDaddy links in this post to visit the official GoDaddy site and see the 10% discount offer listed at the top in the yellow bar. Each of the GoDaddy 4GH web hosting plans provide unlimited bandwidth but the amount of diskspace will vary depending on the chosen plan. For the webmaster that chooses the Ultimate Plan a free SSL certificate, fixed IP, URL spoofing, and more is added to the list of features.

All of the GoDaddy 4GH web hosting plans include several free web hosting features to add flexibility and functionality to every website. Webmasters will enjoy free Google Ad credits, free Fotolia credits, Google webmaster tools, one-click setup, 24/7 web hosting support, and much more. GoDaddy reviews show that most GoDaddy customers are very happy with their service. GoDaddy web hosting is cheap, even without a GoDaddy coupon or GoDaddy promo code offer but using our GoDaddy promo code makes this GoDaddy 4GH web hosting one of the best deals on the web. To take advantage of our GoDaddy promo code pricing, or just to visit GoDaddy and learn more about their products and services, use our GoDaddy promo code link below.

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