1st Choice International Review

One of the top hosting providers we recently came across is 1st Choice International. We wanted to take a few minutes for this 1st Choice International review to tell you about some of the best web hosting tools and features they have to offer. For the webmaster looking to build his/her own personal website or even a small business website, 1st Choice International has a lot to offer. With 5 web hosting plans to choose from, 1st Choice International has a web hosting plan that will meet the needs of most of personal or small business websites.

In addition to the large variety in web hosting plans that 1st Choice International has to offer, they offer a lot of additional web hosting services that allow webmasters to created a dynamic ecommerce website to sell goods online. The ecommerce web hosting includes easy store setup with storefront templates, payment gateway support, bundled SSL certificates, and allows multiple images per product. Payment gateway support is essential for accepting payments online and an SSL certificate provides added security for the website and for customers making a purchase through the website. The ecommerce store management provides a full featured administrative panel that provides a simple way to keep track of customer data and product information to easily upload new products and keep track of current inventory.

With 1st Choice International you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for website design, the web design tools included in every web hosting package provide everything a webmaster needs for do-it-yourself web design. The EasySiteWizard Pro provides drag and drop features with high quality templates so that you can build a website all on your own in just a matter of minutes. Start by choosing a professional website template that provides the basic look you want for your website, add your own images, text, headers, whatever you want that makes your website uniquely your own, use the drag and drop feature to move things around until the website looks exactly the say you want it, then just save the changes and publish your website. The editor automatically spell checks your text and checks for errors to make sure that your website not only looks great but works perfectly. For the webmaster that just doesn’t want to deal with it, or needs something a little extra, custom web design is also available.

Additional services from 1st Choice International make their web hosting services top of the line. From domain name registration to SEO marketing tools, a webmaster will have everything covered from beginning to end, all in one place. If you already have a domain name, 1st Choice International will gladly help you transfer a domain so that you can host your website on their servers. The 1st Choice International service is designed with ease of use in mind. For webmasters that like to try before they buy, 1st Choice International has demo applications for webmasters to try out the webmail application and the easy site wizard demo does a complete walk-through showing users how easy it is to create a new website. Other demos include website templates, the EasyStoreMaker Pro and the Easy Site Optimizer demo to show webmasters exactly how each application works.

Every web hosting plan is backed by 99.9% web hosting uptime reliability, free 24/7 live chat and phone support, state of the art security, and RAID5 storage technology. We have found 1st Choice International to be one of the top hosting providers, but as with any web hosting service we recommend each webmasters reviews the features, terms of agreement, and tries out the support options to ensure that this is the best web hosting provider to support all his/her web hosting needs. Visit 1st Choice International today to see what they can do for you.

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