AgilityHoster Review

We recently came across AgilityHoster and have found that they offer both paid and free web hosting service that we feel are worth talking about, that is why we have decided to do this AgilityHoster review. When it comes to finding web hosting, there are millions of choices out there. From free web hosting providers that provide limited web space, bandwidth, and support features to the best web hosting plans with unlimited web space, bandwidth, and 24 hour a day support, the possibilities are seemingly endless. In our AgilityHoster review we found that they provide the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at what AgilityHoster has to offer.

AgilityHoster provides a number of web hosting services. For a webmaster that is looking for free shared web hosting or an unlimited web hosting plan on a shared server, they have several web hosting plans to choose from. Starting out with free web hosting while you are building the website and getting all the elements of the website working the way you want is not a bad idea. We do recommend using your own domain name rather than a free subdomain simply because it is much easier to market and advertise a shorter domain name that is directly related to the content of your website than it is to market a longer subdomain. AgilityHoster offers more than 20 domain extensions with .coms starting at just $12.99 per year.

To make building a website easy for the beginner, that really doesn’t know a lot about web hosting, AgilityHoster provides a free website builder with all of their paid web hosting plans. Using a site builder is an easy way to build a website using a free website template. A drag and drop features allows the webmaster to move elements around to give the website the look and feel that he wants for the website. Add your own image, logo, text, and free applications to really make your website your own. In addition to the basic shared web hosting options AgilityHoster also offers reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to provide additional options and flexibility to every webmaster.

With AgilityHoster the web hosting options provide all the best web hosting tools for a variety of websites and web hosting needs. After reading some of the AgilityHoster reviews, and completing your own AgilityHoster review of all the features and options, you will be able to determine if AgilityHoster is the best web hosting service provider to meet the needs of your website(s). If you are looking to make money online through AgilityHoster we would recommend you check out the white label reseller program or the web hosting affiliate program if you are happy with the service and just want to refer others to use AgilityHoster web hosting.

Web hosting customer support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year with an average response time of 1 hour or less for paid web hosting customers. There is an integrated ticket system that clients can use as well as online documentation. AgilityHoster web hosting does not require any activation fee, use the live sales chat today to talk to an AgilityHoster representative to get your AgilityHoster web hosting account going today. Visit AgilityHoster for complete details.

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