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Forum hosting has never been more simple than with HostMonster forum hosting.  Nor has forum hosting been so affordable, for only $3.95 a month you can have your choice of forums.  You see, this low  HostMonster pricing includes the ever popular cPanel control panel which allows you to use Fantastico and/or the SimpleScripts installer.  This combination makes it super easy for even a novice to install and setup any of the many open source forum scripts.  HostMonster is normally priced at $7.95 a month, but by clicking the link below you can save over 50% on HostMonsters feature full hosting plan.

Save Over 50% Here on HostMonster Forum Hosting!

With HostMonster forum hosting you can choose from any of these forum softwares:

  • phpBB Forum
  • Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
  • bbPress Forum
  • vBulletin Forum
  • PunBB Forum
  • Vanilla Forum

Each of these forum softwares offer their own unique value to your hosting plan.  Let’s take a look at a few of these key features.

punBB Forum – This forum is available through the HostMonster SimpleScripts installer, it is simple and fast to install and fully automated.  It is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board.  Because their goal is to be one of the fastest it lacks some of the intensive graphics and other features of other forum softwares.  But it does generally run faster and outputs XHTML-compliant pages.

bbPress Forum – This software was created by the makers of the WordPress blog script and therefore is very similar to a WordPress blog.  Again, this software is part of the HostMonster SimpleScripts installer and very easy to setup. bbPress focuses on web standards, speed, and making it easy use and integrate. This forum software allows for great add on features through their extensive plugin system.

SMF Forum – Simple Machine Forum (SMF) is a professional grade software that allows you to set up your own online community in minutes.  SMF uses the popular PHP language and MySQL database.  Its custom made template engine gives you full control of your message board lay-out. The unique SSI function lets your forum and website interact with one another.

phpBB Forum – Has a very user friendly installation process and easy to use administration panel, this forum can literally be set up in minutes.  There are several key features that are very customizable and have the ability to grow with and compliment your website.

vBulletin Forum – This software is quickly becoming one of the most popular forum scripts.  However this software is NOT free, you have to purchase an annual license from the vBulletin website.  Once you have the license and downloaded the vBulletin forum script you can add vBulletin to your HostMonster website.

While all of these forums are open source and available elsewhere you are far better off to have them as part of your hosting plan.  The HostMonster shared hosting plan not only includes all of these forum options but you will also receive a number of other valuable web hosting tools including:

  • HostMonster is trusted by over 1,700,000 domain owners.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth (monthly transfer).
  • HostMonster 24/7 live chat and toll free telephone support.
  • Host up to 9999 unique websites.
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited eMail, FTP, sub-domains, and 100 MySQL.
  • cPanel, Fantastico, SimpleScript, PHP5, ecommerce, blog, CMS.

HostMonster is very familiar with all of these forum hosting programs and are willing and able to help you with any questions you have.  They have been hosting their own HostMonster forum since 2006.  As a HostMonster customer you will have access to this forum.  We found the HostMonster forum to be very helpful and easy to search for answers, especially if you have scripting or coding problems. Within the forum you can ask your questions, search for others having similar issues, or scan for useful tips and tricks.  HostMonster has employees and mediators that help monitor this forum to ensure their customers are getting the best and most accurate information available.

Get Your Own HostMonster Forum Here!

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