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Read this Weebly review about the best free web hosting. The team at 100Best Free Web Space takes the time to review many of the best web hosting providers, including free web hosting services. In all of the free web hosting reviews, Weebly has consistently ranked among the top performing free web hosting service providers. In this Weebly review we will take a few minutes to share what we have found out about Weebly web hosting and why they are one of the best web hosting services.

The free web hosting from Weebly provides everything one will need to build a website. Those that are new to web hosting can watch the video tutorial on the homepage showing just how easy it is to use the Weebly free drag and drop website builder to create a website. Add images, text, and other elements to your website to give it the look and feel you want. The drag and drop element makes it easy to move features around and put them exactly where you want them on your website. The site builder includes more than 100 professional templates to choose from, these make it simple to add a blog, photo gallery, slide show and much more.

One area that is usually almost non-existent when it comes to free web hosting is customer support. Weebly understands that you are going to have questions and need help from time to time. They have created numerous web hosting video tutorials that customers have access to all the time. These video tutorials provide simple step-by-step instructions showing customers how to perform many basic operations. They Weebly team also understands that the video tutorials may not answer every question that customers have so they provide email support as well. This is one-on-one help to answer specific questions that come up while building and maintaining a website. Emails are generally answered in about 2 hours.

Another problem with free web hosting is that most of the free hosts have to make money someway so they place ads on every free website on their system, this makes your site appear unprofessional and you have no control over the type of ads that will be displayed. With Weebly free web hosting, this is never the case. They do not put any kind of ads on your website, ever. If you want to use Google AdSense or some other ad system to put ads on your site (as a source of revenue) that is perfectly fine, but Weebly will never force ads on your website.

The reliability of the web hosting service is another common problem with free web hosting. Many free web hosts are simply resellers for other hosts and have no control over how many websites are on a server or how the servers are maintained. At Weebly the use a cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your website is easily accessible with fast load speeds all the time. The cloud hosting infrastructure simply means that all the websites on the Weebly system are shared across a network so that every time your website is accessed, the system with the most available resources will load your website.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to ecommerce features and password protected pages, Weebly provides all the web hosting tools and features one needs to build and maintain a professional website – FREE! If you are looking for the best free web hosting, 100Best Free Web Space highly recommends the service provided by Weebly. Check them out today and get your free website started right away.

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